20. august 2012

» Kortskissen #181 UKE 34

Sommerferien min nærmer seg slutt, men den er over for designerne hos Kortskissen, som vil si at jeg nå vil igjen publisere noe hver eneste uke.

Så, hold tritt, bloggen skal hyppigere oppdateres, og nye kreasjoner skal skapes iløpet av året!

My summer vacation is soon ending, and I will start my studies again. But for now the vacation for the designers at Kortskissen is over, and I will start publishing card projects at least once a week.

So, keep up the following, there will be a lot more updates from my part, I really hope, throughout the year!


The yellow paper of the "legal pads" have always been an obsession of mine, and until I got my hands on no less than a 10-pack of the letter sized pads, I've always wanted one.

Why, you might ask, because I'm a paper nerd, I love texture, papers and sometimes it results in things I like that are not available in Norway. When that happens, eBay is my friend. :)

The pack I bought, I got from the UK, so they're not "real" legal pads in my opinion. But a great substitute, unless I were to pay an extreme amount of money, just because og a childhood obsession. XD

Jeg liker veldig godt hvordan teksten ble stemplet. Dette var et kunstnerisk uhell, men plasseringen over  teipen, forsterker bare budskapet enda mer, siden du må se to ganger for å oppfatte teksten.

I like the way the text is placed, you actually have to look twice to see the message, and that is much what the text is about.

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