28. juli 2011

›› 22.07-2011 Never Forget

It has been mostly quiet on my part for a couple of days now. The bombing of the Government quarter and the following massacre on Utøya, where 68 people was killed, has been quite disturbing. But in these following days, I must say that the Norwegian people are coping with the crisis in a really significant way. By answering this attack not with hate, but with solidarity and love towards those who died in the terror July 22. 2011. 

Even though I didn't know any of those who were killed, it is so horrific since most of the  people killed on Utøya were so young. Even though the material damage of the Government quarter was huge, and it may take years to rebuild, we can never get those who died back.

It has been a couple of weird days, and I myself participated in the torchlight procession in Bergen, in rememberence of those who died. It was moving to see the streets of Bergen, and the streets in almos every city in Norway filled with masses of people, some holding torches, others holding roses. In Bergen the procession had to take a longer round in the city, because there were so many who showed up to pay their respect. And in Oslo, there were supposed to be a procession too, but there were so many people that they were no longer available to do so. 

When I say that there met more people that day, than on the Norwegian  day of Constitution on May 17th. Those who know Norway may then understand the extent of the situation.

I will soon start posting projects on my blog, but I just wanted to dedicate a little post to those who died.

17. juli 2011

›› SBM Challenge #4 - Steampunk

I dag er utfordringen hos Scrapwaves - Scrapbooking by Men, å lage noe i stilen Steampunk.

Denne gangen valgte jeg å gjøre et prosjekt som gikk litt utenfor mitt vanlige 15x15 format, og noe som var betraktelig mer 3D.

Det enkle fuglehuset ble straks mer intrikat da jeg fant ut at jeg skulle lage et fuglerede på innsiden av huset. Jeg måtte ta meg kraftig sammen for å stoppe, det var rett og slett så gøyt. (I hui og hast glemte jeg det jeg egentlig skulle ha inni, nemlig fuglefjær).

Når det gjelder å kutte ut delene til fuglehuset, må dere ikke spørre meg. Her er det min mor som har vært flittig med måling, og kutting. :P

This month's challenge at Scrapwaves - Scrapbooking by Men, is to make something in the Steampunk style.

I chose to make a simple birdhouse in, that soon turned out to not be so simple and easy after all, I had to control myself on the details inside the house. (And, I even managed to forget the feathers!)

(When it comes to cutting out the parts for the birdhouse, do not ask me, all credits to MY MOTHER! ).


15. juli 2011

›› Keep smiling

Et bursdagsposekort jeg lagde for en stund tilbake.

A birthday bag card I made a while back.

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